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H - Holy             Pure, Clean, Christlike

Y - Young          Youthful days are training days

P - People         People a nation, inhabitants

B - Bible            Bible the book of books

S - Study           Study concentration and learning


Motto:                Onward and Upward.
Aim:                   Always under the blood to overcome through words and deeds to be faithful. Rev. 12:11

Slogan:              Love and hospitality.
Precept:             Holiness to abstain from all appearances of evil.
Endeavor:          To study to show ourselves approved of God. A workman that need not be ashamed. Rightly                              dividing the Word of God. To encourage right living. To always have the willingness in our                                     hearts to work and keep the unity of the spirit.
Benediction:       May the Lord look down upon you, and cause His countenance to shine on you, and give                                  thee peace.


Current Youth Leadership Team:


President             Eld. Raphael Williams

Vice-President     Eld.

Secretary             Min.

Treasurer             Eld.

Senior Advisor    

State President   

State President    Sis Erin Jones



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